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Welcome to the Cree community of Chisasibi representative page. Here you will find out more about our participation in this research project, the land users contributing their time and knowledge to the project as well as other relevant information. We will also take this opportunity to introduce the Cree field team and tell you more about their essential contribution to this valuable project which will benefit the community at large.

More About My Work

My name is Laura-lee Sam, I am a laboratory technician/field coordinator assistant in Chisasibi.

I coordinate fieldwork between Researchers groups and coastal land users. I also collect data on all our field outings, depending on the researcher’s protocols and ensure all necessary logistics for fieldwork are organized and in working condition. All fieldwork is carried out with the approval and participation of the land users from the trapline we are sampling in. My work includes hiring drivers for the boats and ensuring their gas purchases are approved by one of the authorized purchasers. Special consideration is made to ensure that work is coordinated with tidal cycles. After each outing, I then process the workers’ timesheets and equipment claims and send them to the appropriate department. Additionally, I make sure the gas PO is up to date and send monthly requests for the Eelgrass project and Goose Enhancement Project.

I also do sampling for 2 of the research teams that can’t come to Chisasibi yet, I take water and eelgrass samples at every site we visit. I follow each team’s sampling and processing protocols they sent me. I set up the equipment I need for filtering the water samples and store them in the refrigerator and freezer which again depends on the instructions I was given. I filter the water samples for the University of Manitoba, the samples are sent to them so they can process them. I also measure the eelgrass samples for the Eelgrass team and collect appropriate amounts of samples to be frozen for later processing.

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