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Welcome to the Cree community of Eastmain representative page. Here you will find out more about Cree participation on the research project, the land users contributing their time and knowledge to the project and other relevant information. We also present to you the Cree field team as well as their unique and essential role in this project.

More About My Work

My name is Norman Cheezo, my responsibilities entail the research, scheduling, coordinating, implementing and evaluating activities and/or projects related to the Eastmain-1, Sarcelle and Rupert.  This ensures the continuous delivery of information to the land users such as the trap-line tallymen and the community at large. I act as the liaison between the tallymen, workers, the Council, SEBJ, Hydro-Quebec, the Monitoring/Steering Committees and the members of the Cree Nation of Eastmain.

Duties and Responsibilities

I assess the needs and interests in reference with SEBJ/Hydro projects and activities by consulting the tallymen and community members.

  • Act as the liaison between all parties involved in all matters related to projects and ensure that written and oral translation of information is provided.
  • I inform tallymen on a continuous basis about the details of projects and ensure their participation in the on-going activities thus ensuring the distribution of all records of consultation and information meetings are delivered to all community members
  • I organize all consultation and information meetings with members of the Cree Nation of Eastmain, especially the impacted tallymen and their families with respect to the projects  and with other Cree Nations in pertinent matters related to the Monitoring / Steering Committee’s meetings thus providing to the public all information received from SEBJ/Hydro-Québec and the Monitoring / Steering Committee in reference with the projects.

Administrative responsibilities

  • I maintain and increase my knowledge and skills through the attendance of meetings, conferences, and training seminars
  • I report regularly to the Chief and Council on the progress of the projects and produce reports related on my mandate.
  • I perform all other duties related to the projects requested from time to time by the Chief

Working Environment

I work from an office at the main Cree Nation of Eastmain Administration Building and because of the nature of work, travel and attendance at odd hours and weekends may be required for Council meetings/ projects.