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Welcome to the Cree community of Wemindji representative page. Here you will find out more about our participation in this research project, the land users contributing their time and knowledge to the project as well as other relevant information. We will also take this opportunity to introduce the Cree field team and tell you more about their essential contribution to this valuable project which will benefit the community at large.

More About My Work

My name is Geraldine Mark and I am the local 0fficer for the Cree Nation of Wemindji, I am the liaison for the Tally Men/Land Users and the various research teams.

In this capacity, I organize the outings in collaboration with each trap line by making sure the dates of visits are compatible with their schedules regarding their hunting, fishing and trapping days which is a priority we give them. Involving each of the 7 Tally Man for each trap line is to ensure that they are aware of the project and the work that will be carried out with each visiting research team. Having this dynamic of working together, it is much more cohesive and allows the flow of learning & communication to be noticeable amongst their peers and the community as well.

Working, planning & organizing with the coastal tally men/land users, has improved my knowledge in my job, my culture and language. Bridging the collaboration of Crees with non-Crees is always a challenge but we have found common ground where the Crees can voice their concerns and know that it’ll be heard & adhered to. One fun fact that I love is that most of the participants are tech savvy! They have many gadgets that they use while out on the land and are reachable through cellphones and/or satellite phones. They have brought the modern to their traditional practices.

Their traditional knowledge of traveling out in the Bay is a key factor in this project and allowing them to make the final decision on travel days makes the collaboration that much friendlier.